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About British Institute!

About British Institute

British Institute has been working in the field of education since 1989 which is such a long period of time from very first day our institute has only one aim and that is to promote and provide quality education through qualified and refined faculty staff according to the all international standards which is not an easy task for everyone but we made it. This is our actually achievement and our former pupils are the best example of that we are one of the pioneer member of British Council in the town which shows their trust on them.

Our academic staff is fully trained and often we send them to different seminars to develop and in hence their academic and individual skills with the passage of time they have become most prolific staff of this town

As well as we are still busy in various type of computer training courses like management, office and many more like Linguistics Classes, Vocational, Technical training of textile latest course of the era are also taught here.

Our location of the campuses is also very good in easy to get here Because we are serving in the hub of city our main campus is near to town center which is in the center of the town and second is near to gate square which is one of the famous area of Faisalabad So, both Location are according to the need of masses Buildings are fully equipped with all the basic and secondary facilities of the modern era which provides a great atmosphere to students and they enjoy their observation of own staff


Principal's Message

As we have mention before about us our mission is also co-related with that we are not serving for the sack of money and fame we consider it own obligation to serve the humanity because being one of the pioneer of this city in the field of computer and other vocational courses its own primary duty to facilitate the people according to their need. That is why our main mission is to make every one able to be a qualified and skilled person of the society either computers or other fields. We do not forget riffraff of our society because they are also from packages to them because our mission is to work on all classes of society. Not only one that’s why our institute is growing by leaps and bounds. Our Motive is to enlighten the minds of off springs and make them able to earn a good amount for them and became a successful member of the society in the mean while they can be the strong pillar of their families Simultaneously they perform their duties and enjoy a healthy life style
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M. Abid Nazeer Principal

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any age limitation to join British Institute?

No. There are no age limitations to join British Institute Faisalabad

Can I apply online, and is it free?

Yes you can easily apply online just click on the REGISTER NOW button in the top menu.

How can I pay my fee?

You can pay your fee by cash, or through JazzCash, EasyPaisa or even local bank transfer.

What are the cleasses timings?

Classes timings are:
Morning 9:00 AM - Evening 8:00 PM

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